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The purpose of Tribal Education Wed Portal is to provide educational support services to eligible members of various tribes regardless of residence.  Recruitment of applicants, researching future educational initiatives, and promotion of the education of tribal members are included in the realm of services provided by the Department of Education. Additionally, financial assistance to eligible students attending institutions of higher learning is awarded.  These services are provided to graduating high school seniors, GED recipients and continuing/returning students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Certain High School services associated with graduation are also available. 

Click on the "Higher Education Application" link on the left to see the application requirements.

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Help your child make smart choices now to start on an education and career track that are a match for your child's skills and preferences. Learn about all the options and how your child can achieve them.
Learn what admissions exams your child should be taking and how they impact college admissions. Find out how your child can prepare for the years ahead and even get college credit before going to college.
There's no such thing as the perfect college. Luckily, with more than 3,800 colleges in the U.S. alone, your child's options are almost endless. Learn how you can help your child find the best college for them. 
Applying to college takes thought, effort, and organization. Use our tools and expert advice to help your child manage application steps, create online applications, craft admission essays, and prepare for life at college.
College is a big investment—don't jump in without doing your homework. Learn about college costs, applying for scholarships and other types of financial aid, choosing the best aid package, taking out education loans, and paying the college bill.





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